“Zentangle Insanity” is a High Skill Adult Coloring Book that is more than what it appears at first glance.

Designs are printed so that when cut out along the edge of the gray border line they become a large format matching puzzle.  The puzzle pieces (pages), come together to create a seamless image that can be combined on a backer to create stunning wall art!

  • High Quality Coloring Pages
  • Overall Design Follows a Rule of Thirds Layout (Minus Dead Space)
  • Linework Has Been Minimalized to Allow for More Creative Freedom (Easier to Make Changes if You Prefer)
  • Instructions and Reference Images are Included
  • High Skill Challenging Project
  • Good for Stress Relief or Relaxation
  • Skill Building for Focus and Planning
  • Among the Most Unique Coloring Books Created

This is an extremely high skill coloring book.  It is meant to give many hours of stress relief and relaxation.

It’s also meant to give the artist a goal to aim for and the satisfaction of seeing it all come together as a single image.

For Smaller Final Products, Simply Scan and Downscale


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