Over 40 Gorgeous Pages to Color! Color Your Stress Away!

Cryptid Chronicles and Other Horrors‘ brings together over 40 meticulously crafted illustrations depicting the legends of cryptids, phantasmal creatures, and nightmarish scenes that have sparked intrigue and fear throughout generations. From the mystifying dragons and the elusive werewolves, to foreboding haunted houses and shadowy graveyards, a chilling adventure waits within every page.

Join the happy colorists that really appreciate good quality artwork.

  • Exciting Unique Designs
  • Intricate designs and complex details
  • Unique challenge for seasoned colorists
  • Remains accessible to beginners eager to explore this macabre genre.
  • Therapeutic escape from reality and an exciting avenue for artistic exploration
  • Perfect for those who enjoy a dash of the dreadful
  • Great Way to Relieve Stress
  • Great Anti-Anxiety Activity
  • Color With Any of Your Favorite Coloring Tools
  • High-Resolution Prints
  • Each Page Is on a Single Sheet. Printed One, Sided to Prevent Bleed Through Problems.
  • This Book Makes a Perfect Gift for Any Holiday. Christmas, Birthday and More!

Create Your Own Frame-Worthy Masterpieces!

This adult coloring book has over 40 unique designs and will provide hours of stress relief through creative expression.

Buy Now & Color Your Stress and Anxiety Away!


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